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Navigating the Challenges of Identifying and Managing Energy Transactions across Africa

Redcliff Energy Advisors Ltd (Redcliff) is a recognised leading independent strategic advisory firm.

Specialists in strategy, acquisitions, structuring and the arrangement of finance on behalf of energy clients who are focused in Africa.

Redcliff works closely with its clients in providing a broad range of strategic advisory services critical to the formulation and execution of successful African energy strategies.

The firm’s core services include:

  • Country market intelligence and analysis
  • Opportunity identification across hydrocarbon, renewable and alternative energy sources
  • Transaction structuring
  • Indigenous partner identification and selection
  • Identifying, structuring and coordinating traditional and non-traditional sources of finance
  • Coordinating technical, financial and legal advisors
  • Project managing transactions and timetables to ensure seamless execution

The energy landscape across Africa is gradually evolving. Many countries remain heavily reliant on oil & gas to drive their economies and provide energy, especially for power generation and transportation. In moving towards energy transition, natural gas is and will for the foreseeable future remain the fuel of choice. In addition, many African countries are embracing the transformative role that renewable and alternative energies (solar, wind, hydrogen…) can have on their socio-economic development, along with the reduction of carbon emissions. 

We understand the challenges and opportunities that these structural changes present. Africa presents one of the largest growth markets for energy globally and we are well positioned to advise and support clients in capitalising on this transition and growth.

We have a unique understanding of relationships and a successful track record in the African energy sector, with a particular focus on Nigeria. Working with international and indigenous energy companies, we successfully identify, structure and close transactions. In addition, we provide clients with country and market intelligence which assists them in managing existing assets and successful business development.

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